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KFOR Interviews Pastor Guillermo on Kevin Durant’s Comment

On January 30th, Pastor Guillermo Rivera had the opportunity to respond to Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant’s comment on KFOR Channel 4 News.

For those who don’t know, after beating the Miami Heat on Wednesday, January 27th, Durant was interviewed by ESPN reporter Doris Burke. According to KFOR,

When asked what drives him down the court by reporter Doris Burke, Durant replied, “God. That’s all I can say. Jesus Christ.”

Burke laughed, “Okay, thank you. You had nothing to do with it?”

Durant added, “No. It’s all him.”

Many responded with criticism on social media at what they perceived as a dismissal of Durant’s faith. Pastor Guillermo Rivera was asked by KFOR what he thought.

Guillermo Rivera said, “This is a good eye opener.”

Rivera, who is a local pastor, said there’s a lesson to be learned when the topic of God comes up in the media.

He said, “If God is ever brought up, I need to be a little more informed than to just provide a smirk or a laugh, to be able to make a more informed comment or response.”

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